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Seasoned policies act as the catalyst for optimizing both income and wealth transfer strategies. LIFE Brokerage has studied various opportunities to leverage your existing book of business to better serve your clients.


Policy Review of Existing Contracts

  • Analyze policy performance
  • Analyze existing policy data for modern day features and benefits
  • Optimize cash value performance using post 2021 improvements to section 7702
  • Lower cost of insurance charges
  • Over loan protection rider
  • Chronic illness/long-term care rider

Simplify Software Modeling System

  • A case design solutions platform that helps you grow your whole life business
  • Tax mitigation
  • Managing market volatility
  • Income protection
  • Retaining key people
  • Helping trustees
  • Premium funding strategies
  • Legacy planning

Industry Leading Survivorship Whole Life

  • The optimal estate planning whole life case design
  • Cash value break-even approximately year 5
  • Premium deposit account paying above market rates
  • Ideal for premium finance, private finance, split dollar & SLAT’s

Policy Loan Rescue

  • Transfer loan via 1035 exchange
  • Implement an exit/buy-down of policy loan
  • Rescue runaway premium finance designs for policies in a gain position
  • Introduce more favorable loan terms

Cash Value Life Insurance Design for the Entrepreneur

  • Favorable borrowing terms
  • Non-direct recognition
  • High early cash value product/riders available
  • Arbitrage alternative investments via policy loans

Policy Optimization via Reduced Paid Up

  • Preserve cash value
  • Redirect premium flow
  • Increase coverage amount at no additional cost
  • Diversify away from Non-Mutual and Non-Participating policies